What the readers say

“This book represents one of the finest guides for bringing Buddhism into our life at a practical level.  Buddha Heart Parenting offers the reader deep insights into how to integrate Buddhist philosophy and concepts with contemporary psychology to arrive at a method of parenting that is not only effective but also enables us and our children to realise our true Buddha nature.  The emphasis is on combining compassion and wisdom and on making all our interactions with our children supportive and joyous.”

“With great simplicity and clarity this book shows parents what they need to do to practice engaged Buddhism with their children.  Parents learn skills and strategies to use in their parenting role.  These skills and strategies and the understanding of how to incorporate Buddhist principles into parenting, allows parents to transform their life and allow them to make positive use of every situation to benefit all family members.”

“CL shows the reader that to change what they are doing, they have firstly, to understand their mind and then change it to a mind filled with compassion and loving-kindness.  Buddha Heart Parenting gives readers the skills and awareness to build connected, joyous relationships with their children.”