Buddha Heart Parenting – The Book

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I developed Buddha Heart ParentingTM to provide parents, grandparents and caregivers with an ethical approach to parenting and child-raising that is based on the Buddhist principles of compassion and wisdom.  This approach to parenting is simple, easy to follow and use, and results in connected relationships and self-empowered children.  I coined the term, Buddha Heart Parenting, because when we parent using Buddhist philosophy and principles we are operating from our Buddha heart or Buddha nature.  We are parenting as if we are Buddha.

When we read about the different skills and strategies and how they follow Buddhist principles and concepts, we are sure to experience an ‘Ah, that is so true’ feeling.  What I have written connects deeply within us all to our compassionate Buddha heart.  It is from our Buddha heart that we can operate in all aspects of our life not just in our parenting role.

The book is divided into seven sections containing 15 chapters in all.  The sections are outlined below.  They follow a logical sequence and when read in order give a great overview of all aspects of Buddha Heart Parenting (Buddhist parenting)

The first reading of the book will give an understanding of the underlying motivation and ethos.  Then, we can go back and read it again focussing on any chapters or sections that we want to study more closely.  Although Buddha Heart Parenting is a book, in many ways it is a manual and as such, needs to be studied.  The skills and strategies I have outlined need to be practiced, and we need time to change any of our current inappropriate responses to our children’s behaviour.  These responses have become habituated over time and we need time to habituate new, appropriate, responses.